Saturday, December 08, 2012

Teddy Squad In Orbit

That's what I called this cartoon inspired by looking through old 1950s sci-fi magazines. Me probably trying to be a junior Virgil Finlay! It appeared in some fanzine years ago. I used to have hundreds of old digests, I guess my favorite would be a toss-up between Magazine Of Fantasy & Science-Fiction and Analog (formerly Astounding). Galaxy however had illustrations by Don Martin and Wally Wood (of Mad Magazine), and later by Wendy Pini who created the marvelous Elfquest comic books. The artists whose work I most liked to run across in the pages however were Hannes Bok and Edd Cartier who had a real Thomas Hart-Benton plasticity, but 'in outer space!' Kelly Freas was often amazing but very prolific so was easier to take for granted.

I keep meaning to get back into cartooning more and never seem to make the time (sigh). While I'm in a black & white mood here's a T-shirt design we've not gotten around to doing anything with so far, although it's always good to have a variety of merch at gigs, so hoo nose...

It's the same as that CD cover, except I thought to make it color-closed (if I ever get around to coloring it) I made the mic cord into a circle.