Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Style '65 (Part 2 of 2)

More cool fashion pages, this time from the March 1965 Rave magazine. This will be last post for awhile, thank you all for visiting!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Scene Report: The Funhouse

In the shadow of the now fifty year old Space Needle stands a monument to all that is robust in Seattle's music scene. Even the loss of it's previously green giant clown face has not kept it down, but now developers have their eye on more profitable condos and so this punk/d.i.y. landmark's days may be numbered.


The green room with the green couch...

One week ago "The Night Of The Wild Men" invaded. Deathbed Playboy opened the set impressively, stomping and making righteous with the steel guitar.

Howling Houndog, joined by Dean Frasier (late of Southbound Union) on slide, were impressive in combination on House Of The Rising Sun and (cough) Hello Kitty Blues. Then James Hunnicutt burst onto the stage with tuneful (and original) lamentation to please the faithful.

To cap the night off The Slow Poisoner unveiled a set that featured new song Macabre (also set down in Studio V earlier the same day along with Green Chair).

At Studio V with an SG:

But something more wicked this way comes. Can The Funhouse be saved?



And be sure to check out the new Slow Poisoner album!

This has been Scene Report with beccabear reporting in memory of three PBRs...