Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tommy doesn't know what day it is.

    A preview of a new production of The Who's Tommy, October 29th at the Lucky Bar in Victoria, had some genuine high points. With main event vocalists rehearsing during the sound check, expectations would be high. Real power with some solid players backing. Sooke is in for a huge treat I think!

     Erik was part of the pre-Tommy set with various guests which was fun as intended. He contributed to a solid Substitute and Can't Explain which I really dug. I'm A Boy was also irresistible. Very cool to see the former lead Laundronaut in action finally! I apologize for not naming names; everyone added something noticeably unique and cool, and it was a good crowd genuinely grooving on the sounds and sights.

    There would be some last wrinkles, but with as complex a project as Tommy, even without the pre-show, inevitable. A lot of people having to work together in ways they might never have before. As a Shindig with a cover feature on The Who said it not too long ago, for many of us our interest ends with the birth of Tommy. I'm jaded, I admit it. Maybe unfairly this high-concept art rock whatisit stuff gets knee-jerk lumped in with the silver capes and recreations of the
meaning of stonehenge. Hearing the material performed live does give me new respect however, and I'm sure the actual show by these Sooke Harbour Players will be f-ing kick-ass stomping great where it should be!

    It's not like I'm not aware of Simon Simopath, Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, Odyssey And Oracle and S.F. Sorrow. I have respect for what Peter Townshend was attempting with Lifehouse and ultimately Tommy, but like Sgt. Pepper's I'm always likely to be the contararian seeing the bare spots on the tapestry rather than in awe of the overall design. I'm about the singles rather than the albums with very few exceptions (Revolver, Village Green Preservation Society, Then Play On). I want the peak moments and impatient to get to them, the context gets wasted on me usually.

    Do yourself a huge favour (if you can) November 6, 7, 13 ,14, 20 & 21st (7:00pm), 15th (2:00pm) at Edward Milne Theater in Sooke. Tickets at door, or Sooke Shopper's Drug Mart, The Stick or online at