Monday, June 10, 2013

Holding pattern

Yes, I'm still clinging to the surface of the planet, sometimes scurrying about upon it. I have thought of posting, then haven't. I have some substantial vintage Stones bits uploaded and waiting to add to my clippings collection earlier here, and I scanned in a load of early Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac stuff for a chat area about same I could dump here. Yet I hesitate...

I've been tempted at times to get political here but then come to my senses. Outrage follows upon outrage while most people don't want to know, in other words 'twas ever thus. Well, back to gafia-land as the old sciffy fans used to say, but I'll be back like Waylon Jennings in that song, even if I won't always be around.

Bit of a Jennings type lyric here, don't read anything serious into it though, not sure where it's going...

What started out as a wild impulse,
turned into something tangled, something else,
'Cause your love and my love aren't the same,
can't you see, it's a mystery without name.