Monday, April 01, 2013

Raeside calling.

One of my favorite things most days is to find a new Adrian Raeside editorial cartoon in the local paper here. This has been a favorite thing for me verging on thirty years now I suppose. He was just on the radio call-in show today for a short stretch promoting his new book (linked below) and unfortunately I missed calling in myself, but it made me want to help maybe turn people on to this major original cartoon talent...
 photo raesidecartoon1.jpg

Here is a favorite from a couple of years back.

 photo raesidecartoon1.jpg

Here is another favorite... I always love to see his bears as they have a gormless yet lovable quality to them (he often does the same for our politicians). His dogs are similar if a little wiser, and recall the New Zealand cartoon strip Footrot Flats in character. It was interesting to learn that Adrian was born and grew up there, perhaps Koko is a distant relative of Murray Balls' sheep farm Dog?