Saturday, November 15, 2014


Sorry all, I've been busy and seem to have misplaced my blog for awhile. Yet I have more vintage clippings and new reviews to festoon it with so I expect to be back real soon now. As you were!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pretty In Ink

I've been waiting for this survey of women comic artists from 1896 to present to be published by Seattle based Fantagraphic Books! I was a little worried as I have Trina's 1985 book, and knowing this to be an update of it I wondered how much might be repeated, but am happy that in fact many new examples are offered of the women's work and while some others were in the previous book they are often larger or even in color here! So much more has been added about many of the earlier favorite artists such as Gladys Parker, Fran Hopper and Ruth Atkinson, and some new to me old names have been added. I was also quick to flip to the last chapter and catch up with more recent work in the format and enjoyed that section quite a lot. Certainly worth the price of admission, and it's a very attractive quality 180 page package all around. Some of the non-North American artists who had been included in 1985 were dropped however, so I suppose something is lost on those who missed that book (which I understand is somewhat hard to find these days).

Trina Robbin's Pretty In Ink (link to Fantagraphics)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

California dreaming?

Among my all time favorite groups, Fleetwood Mac has been perhaps the longest lived and most interesting. Interesting because they have been not one but many different groups under that name. The original blues based group of Albatross, Oh Well, and Heart Beat Like A Hammer gradually folded into a jazzier pop group which included the late great Bob Welch. I remember hearing one of Bob's Mac tracks on FM radio back around 1973-74, Hypnotized, and that particular cut still brings back memories. The band almost broke up after the album with that track I found out later. There was even a phony Fleetwood Mac put out on the road for awhile to complete a tour and their British manager claimed he owned the name (made up of drums and bass rhythm section Mick Fleetwood and John McVie's names by founder Peter Green). The reason the band continued at all was due mainly to the fight in lead guitarist and singer-songwriter Bob Welch...

 Fleetwood Mac with Bob Welch, second from right (next to Danny Kirwan) circa 1971-72.

Bob encouraged the other three to relocate to California where their label Reprise Records was located from which the band would have more favorable conditions with which to legally keep their name. It was a tough time but they made it through, but only for an exhausted Bob to want to leave to launch a more hard-rocking group (and later solo success with Sentimental Lady and Ebony Eyes). Fleetwood Mac meanwhile went on with new California members Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks (ex-Fritz) to conquer the world with Rhiannon, World Turning, and Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow among many others. Eventually the group would be inducted into Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, including founder guitar hero Peter Green...

... yet not Bob Welch? This is a major omission to say the least, even disregarding it being the wish held up to his death of someone who contributed so much to the group. Perhaps the case for Bob's inclusion is best made in this 1998 article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper...

Many have signed petitions and written to the Hall directly. The forces against induction can be guessed at but may include fellow member and one time friend of Bob's Christine McVie (seen in all three lineups represented above). As a fan of both artists I can only hope to live to see this wrong righted, it has been allowed to continue far too long already. Mick Fleetwood credits Bob with the group's continued existence into the latter half of the 1970s, but the music of that too easily overlooked period alone demands Bob Welch be honoured as a vital member of Fleetwood Mac.

Bob's albums with Fleetwood Mac (all released by Reprise):
Future Games (1971)
Bare Trees (1972)
Penguin (1973)
Mystery To Me (1973)
Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Giving Peas A Chance

When I was young I lived in the Dingle,
a few doors up from that famous Ringo.
Little knew I the pathway to riches,
our old man cleared council ditches.

I remember when skiffle became all the rage,
our Mum just smacked us, said 'now act yer age'.
Told to be practical, told to behave,
I married a carpenter, a bloke with a trade.

Together we moved out closer to George,
a stylish wardrobe we soon had to forge.
Yes it were true, we'd never had it so good,
those sitar cases made nice firewood.

No time for singing like that Cilla Black,
it was wake up the kids, get 'em out of the sack.
Fish and chips were a regular deal,
mushy peas made it more of a meal.

There's lots of peas now in the old folks home,
there's peas for my breakfast, and peas in my poem.
Trapped in my bed I curl up all fetal,
and dream of my life if I'd married a Beatle.

If I'd married an artist, someone with panache,
I'd not mind if critics had a bit of a bash.
Another pain pill, another bed change,
I too could've been shot in some place strange.

But Macca's still rocking, I might see him soon,
perhaps he'll move in with that old Peter Noone.
I'd contemplate further, although I do hesitate,
as I threw my back out last time I did meditate.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Back Pages

Before this blog I had a tiny piece of Geocities. Geocities closed down in 2009 but I recently discovered someone has been reloading old site content at something calling itself oocities. I'm glad to see these back. I remember a fantastic Danny Kirwan (of early Fleetwood Mac) site on geocities, much more deserving of preservation but which sadly appears to be gone forever now.

Rebecca's Los Machucambos Discography Page

Rebecca's Cass Elliot Page

Rebecca's Pussycat & Tony Wille Page

Rebecca's Stereolab Review

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's Going On?

Count me among those heartsick over the lack of justice for a seventeen year old.

It was chilling to see the defense lawyers attempting to demean the friend who was on the phone with him just before he was killed. It was completely astonishing to see him described as armed because he had a sidewalk! You'd only expect a defense like that in some backward near lawless country. I don't know how you would live with yourself doing such a good job for a person who went to lengths to create a confrontation. There were no burglary tools on the 'suspicious' teenager, but the adult confronter had a loaded gun.

And still they won't listen, won't talk to them... so they can see...

what's going on?

I appear to have lost three of my scant number of 'followers' after this post. The perils of being at all 'political'?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Holding pattern

Yes, I'm still clinging to the surface of the planet, sometimes scurrying about upon it. I have thought of posting, then haven't. I have some substantial vintage Stones bits uploaded and waiting to add to my clippings collection earlier here, and I scanned in a load of early Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac stuff for a chat area about same I could dump here. Yet I hesitate...

I've been tempted at times to get political here but then come to my senses. Outrage follows upon outrage while most people don't want to know, in other words 'twas ever thus. Well, back to gafia-land as the old sciffy fans used to say, but I'll be back like Waylon Jennings in that song, even if I won't always be around.

Bit of a Jennings type lyric here, don't read anything serious into it though, not sure where it's going...

What started out as a wild impulse,
turned into something tangled, something else,
'Cause your love and my love aren't the same,
can't you see, it's a mystery without name.