Friday, June 23, 2006

Tap tap tap... testing... testing... 1,2,3... 1,2,3...

It's on? Cool. Hi, how's it going? You guys like rekkids? I like rekkids. I like weird and obscure and hard to find rekkids sometimes, but I wish they weren't hard to find. I will obsess here about old stuff mainly, it's sort of a big junk drawer as much as a web log.

The title springs forth from when I lost a lunch kit in elementary school in the early '70s. I guess my parents had been talking about hippies and so my excuse was that hippies had stolen my lunch kit when actually it fell down into a creek (on my way home I tried to jump across instead of using the little bridge and it wound up too far down for me to get... I was dared by a girl named Betty). The excuse didn't really work out but I got a brand new Scooby Doo lunch kit with matching thermos (the old one was a hand-me-down Bobby Orr one my brother outgrew, with an old mismatched tartan patterned thermos). I had really wanted a Banana Splits lunch kit so I guess karma did have a bit of say in this prejudiced saga.

Well, bye for now.

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