Monday, November 12, 2012

Lust and Death.

Lucky us! Jeff Kelly and The Green Pajamas have musical bones and have provided more cruel velvet riptides (I arrive fashionably late) with their Death By Misadventure CD. It comes melancholic spirit haunted. Spiral stairways lead into the audio mansion of the first part, 'The Fall Of Queen Bee' while outside a storm-threatening atmosphere breaks to allow beams of light on the garden, then a breeze blown complex military infiltration leads to a teddybear tea bazaar and a 'those were the days' style eulogy. Or something like that. Will I ever return?

The blood gets flowing for the second story, more dreams. Maybe others will want to get this one and the CD edition of stone classic Summer Of Lust (circa 1984, I remember some of those colored paper-cut times, though not a major 'zine or casette-head); See the interesting videos from the new (ish, it sat on a pile for awhile) album!

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