Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Back Pages

Before this blog I had a tiny piece of Geocities. Geocities closed down in 2009 but I recently discovered someone has been reloading old site content at something calling itself oocities. I'm glad to see these back. I remember a fantastic Danny Kirwan (of early Fleetwood Mac) site on geocities, much more deserving of preservation but which sadly appears to be gone forever now.

Rebecca's Los Machucambos Discography Page

Rebecca's Cass Elliot Page

Rebecca's Pussycat & Tony Wille Page

Rebecca's Stereolab Review


Cheshire Adams said...

Have you tried the Archive? If you know the URL, chances are, you can find at least a fraction of the Kirwan site as it appeared back in the day. I tried it on my old GeoCities site a little bit ago and was almost instantly embarrassed by all my high school ramblings. ¦+)~

Rock it!

Rebecca said...

I don't know the exact address, it was from early days with Geocities... I think it had Hollywood in it's address, having different boroughs or suburbs of the Geo'city' was the concept. I've used Archive to find old silent films and vintage funny books, didn't know they had websites.

Cheshire Adams said...

Oh yeah, the "Wayback Machine" features "snapshots" of most web sites as they've appeared at certain points in time. Their web crawler is called Alexa, and you may recall seeing the Alexa [bot] show up in Déjà Vu's active users (like the rest of the bots, it can't actually get in there).

The Clarkophile said...

Love Kirwan.
Like Gene, ill-prepared for fame, I think. Do you like his solo stuff?

Rebecca said...

Danny's three albums plus the Ram Jam odds and ends CD collection all have a really upbeat jazzy vibe. I always thought it would have been interesting to know what might have happened had he joined Yes or some other prog group at some point, maybe less pressure on him with that audience too. Then again whatever problems he has he might have had all the same under other circumstances. Some people say it was some bad acid that tipped him and Peter Green towards unplugging and tuning out and turning off, but some people are just allergic to business, pursuit of the green manalishi and it's competitive pressures.

The Clarkophile said...

Yes, very well put.
Adding your blog to my list!