Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ron DanteThe Archies - Over And Over

Here is one fat wad of bubblegum pop! This track is my favorite from my vinyl of the time (1969?) of Kirschner/RCA's The Archies Greatest Hits, written by producer Jeff Barry and co-written and sung by Ron Dante. Most of the other songs from this album were co-written by Canadian Andy Kim who went on to have his own major '70s hit with Rock Me Gently. I really dig this sound regardless of the crassly commercial nature of the whole thing... Get some proper quality Archies recordings when you get a chance, they are worth it with great tracks like Sunshine(Barry/Bloom), Everything's Alright (Dante), Feelin' So Good(Barry/Kim), Bang-Shang-A-Lang (Barry), and another personal favorite Jingle Jangle (Barry/Kim). Hey, I'm just a girl, so it's okay for me to dig this stuff.

Check out the official site for more about Ron Dante.

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