Monday, July 10, 2006

The Paupers - For What I Am

Here's a rare side from '60s Canadian group The Paupers. This single was released in 1965 by the original lineup with Bill Marion and quickly sank into obscurity in a country where most radio stations didn't yet support the domestic product. By 1967 The Paupers had signed to Verve Records after a great performance at a New York showcase event. They opened for The Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco shortly after that and received rave reviews but star bass player Dennis Gerard began doing a Syd Barrett on stage from drug use issues (if he appeared at all), and despite two successful album releases (Magic People and Ellis Island on Verve Forecast) the group fell apart on the road somewhere. Skip Prokop went on to form the very successful Lighthouse group which cut many an LP between 1969 and 1974. Their biggest hit was Skip's One Fine Morning (When I Wake Up). The a side of this single is credited (Prokop & Marion), the b side Free As A Bird also to (Prokop & Marion), produced by David Mostoway Prod. You can buy the two Paupers albums with bonus tracks from Pacemaker.

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